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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Paul Ryan's Trial Balloon Retirement Unites GOP Base. Draws In Bannon, Breitbart

It was an easy call for Breitbart operations to support and endorse Paul Nehlen last year when Donald Trump was a candidate most expected to lose. But Trump's win changed all that.

Last year, the mostly unknown Nehlen offered voters in the First Congressional District of Wisconsin a once in a lifetime opportunity to defeat Paul Ryan in the republican primary and begin a new era with a new congressman.

Rejecting my grassroots voting strategy to Rock The First, voters said they want to keep Paul Ryan instead. They re-appointed the $100 million Koch puppet Wall Street charlatan rather than chancing renewal with Jason Lebeck, Paul Nehlen, Tom Breu or a Ryan Solen.

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not naive enough to think 100,000 voters were going to hypnotically follow my directions. I never expected that. What I was looking for was some movement, but outside of a few loyal retweets, there was zero.

If anything, Rock The First succeeded in exposing a solid chunk of Wisconsin democrats and progressives as an empty in-the-tank misguided group of establishment sadsacks. Particularly today as I watch them scramble in the annual donation ritual to defeat Paul Ryan. We'll beat him this time they say. Sure you will.

Pardon me if I sound bitter because I'm not. Not at all. I actually relish in the fact that Rock The First was fully rejected and that many of the out-of-the-box ideas, suggestions and political strategies articulated in my blog, are outliers. Democrats can't run far enough away from it. In other words ...I'm not part of whatever Democrat's are doing in Wisconsin. You know ...all that winning.

With that said, my true blue friends should have no doubt about my progressive democratic leanings.

So the recent story that Bannon/Breitbart operations finally put the kibosh on Paul Nehlen did not come as a surprise for me. The reasons are many and obvious.

First and foremost is Bannon junked his campaign in November to challenge GOP House (RINO) incumbents in 2018. Second, Paul Nehlen is now a known commodity. His message is in retrograde and after Roy Moore, Bannon can't afford to be tied to another losing campaign. Third, Bannon will never shout this from the rooftops, but there is no one in the House Bannon wants as House Speaker right now more than Paul Ryan.

Also, and this is equally as important, Paul Ryan's "retirement" trial balloon sent Trump into a tizzy. He raged against Bannon to clean up any doubts about Ryan and that meant terminating Nehlen. Look at it this way. It was a presidential order.

The spectacle of it all is now watching Paul Ryan's far-Right and establishment hacks including some on the Left continue to deny Bannon's announcement. "Nobody Should Take Their Disavowal Seriously" they're saying. Right. Because the last thing they want people to focus on is the inevitable truth that Paul Ryan, Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are the holy trinity of today's republican party with Ryan being the center of their universe.

It's not about rejecting Paul Nehlen. They don't care about him at all. It's about protecting Paul Ryan. And, it's about power. Nothing else matters to the establishment.

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