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Friday, December 01, 2017

Paul Ryan Featured In His Hometown Catholic School Calendar

I just want to speak to you a little bit about Ayn Rand and what she meant to me in my life and [in] the fight we’re engaged here in Congress. I grew up on Ayn Rand, that’s what I tell people." -- Rep. Paul Ryan

Oh wait ...Paul Ryan said his love of Ayn Rand's political philosophy and worldview was made up by the Left and nothing more than an urban legend. Rrrrrright.

A friend emailed explaining how infuriated she was to see Paul Ryan featured for the month of April in St. John Vianney's 2018 calendar. She purchases the calendar every year but will no longer do so to support the Janesville school's fundraising efforts. She also attached a copy of the feature. End of email.

To be fair to the school, St. John Vianney IS Ryan's grade school alma mater. You know, the place where he spent his formative years growing up with Ayn Rand. Still, it is a Catholic institution and apparently they have turned a blind-eye toward the congressman's long and well-documented history with Rand.

Unfortunately, the beautiful Bible passage they used for the caption (Galatians 15:3 is a typo - it's 5:13) is almost a cruel joke considering that Ryan also recently admitted that he's been dreaming of kicking poor people off of Medicaid since his college kegger days. But it's the school's prerogative. They're proud of him. I guess.

Perhaps the only saving grace to the entire matter is the fact that when you move the calendar page from the last day of March to the Ryan feature, you're greeted by April Fool's.


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