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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Local GOP Official: “No Contest” In Child Sexual Assault

Innocuously titled into protective custody by the Janesville Gazette, Man defending himself at trial opts for plea agreement, the story it turns out is about a local man who pleads no contest to charges he assaulted his teenage victim many times between July 2016 to January 2017.

The perpetrator was a state campaign coordinator for Rick Santorum and as recent as 2016, was election board chairman for the Rock County Republican Party.

JG Excerpt:
JANESVILLE -- A man who was defending himself at trial against charges of child sexual assault changed his mind Tuesday and took a plea agreement.

Wade A. Hallett, 52, was accused of sexually assaulting a teen girl he knows on multiple occasions as well as possession of child pornography and violating a domestic abuse injunction.

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Anonymous said...

Don't look for the Gazette to have any interests in the girl's plight, Wade has been a real devotee to the Chamber of Commerce crowd.

As a teenager, I worked as a janitor in our town's country club, and when cleaning lockers found letters that made town pillars look bad, was told to work elsewhere.

Your post describes a situation that has gone on far too long. Hopefully, Janesville officials have some morals and nerve to do something about it.

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