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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Is Resentment Driving Support For The Foxconn Deal?

I was talking with a friend who likes to engage in political discussions about the Foxconn mess, and aware several others nearby can hear bits and pieces of our conversation. One person listening in to the conversation, actually another friend who usually avoids talking politics or religion, unexpectedly interrupted with this, "Hey, screw the Chinese. They took our best manufacturing jobs over the past 40 years, so I appreciate now when somebody (assuming Walker) is willing to bring them back."

When I mentioned the astronomical cost of a new state tax obligation in the billions of dollars including short-circuiting the state justice system in favor of the Taiwanese giant along with Foxconn's goal of full automation, he responded one more time...

"It's a high price to pay, but we can afford it if it puts a half-million Chinese out of work. It's better to have those robots here than there. You know what else? I love the fact that it's one of their own (assuming he meant Terry Gou) putting the screws to their people. They'll know what it feels like to be betrayed and lose those jobs. The shoe is finally on the other foot. Go for it!"

I was totally surprised by his candor and because much of our national politics is resentment driven, I was left thinking that he is not alone.

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Anonymous said...

Candor? More like sour grapes. The chinese didn't 'take' our jobs. What a sad commentary and the worst reason to support Walker's crazy deal for foxconn.

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