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Monday, October 16, 2017

Forward Janesville Has a Charitable Arm. It's Not What You Think.

It's hard to write about Scott Walker's and Paul Ryan's local booster club, Forward Janesville, and not mention that they endorsed every local tax hike and spending referendum since Walker was elected governor.

Or the fact that among their few public core beliefs, is this statement: If residents are unwilling to accept increased tax obligations, the local economy could death spiral. That's a real whopper of a crap burger considering they lobbied the state for tax cuts for themselves while their membership filed for dark store relief on their property tax statements. But who's watching? Right?

With that out of the way is a story from the Janesville Gazette about Forward Janesville restarting their "charitable arm" after they recently picked up a “seven-figure” donation. The only shocker here is it came from non-government sources.

Now you might be thinking that it's about time Forward Janesville's membership steps up to plate and starts giving something back to the community. Unfortunately, their idea of a charitable arm won't be funding a homeless shelter or restocking local food pantries or paying the costs for a much needed free health care clinic. You'd be wrong thinking that.

No. In this case, Forward Janesville's charitable arm will pay the costs of building a pedestrian bridge and a fountain for their own little business playground in downtown Janesville. Apparently, that's their idea of charity.

At the end of the Gazette article, the president of Forward Janesville comes off sounding bitter toward those who question taxpayers funding the group's plans while other areas of the city are neglected. He's right to be bitter. It's too late to complain, folks.

Janesville municipal government is a wholly owned subsidiary of Forward Janesville. The city manager was hand-picked by a majority Forward Janesville committee. He is beholden to them. Until you (we) decide to take back our local government and restore district democratic rule and mayoral leadership, only TIF Districts will have a voice.

The people's voices will not be heard except by listeners reading the complaint comment section of the local newspaper ...and good luck with that.

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