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Friday, September 08, 2017

Walker Uses Principled Democrats To Warn GOP Conservatives If They Cross Him On Foxconn

For two weeks now, Republican Governor Scott Walker has concerned himself deeply with state democrats and the state democratic party about their position on his Foxconn scam being rammed down taxpayers throats.

On the days just before the weekend when state legislators are scheduled to convene for important votes, Walker has lashed out on Twitter against the minority Democrats as if he needed their votes to pass the biggest transfer of wealth in Wisconsin state history. Point is of course, Walker doesn't need their votes at all.

With solid GOP majorities in both state houses, Walker is merely posting reminders aimed at the few principled free market conservatives remaining in the Wisconsin state senate of the consequences they face if they dare cross him on Foxconn.

Point is, Republican conservatives can stew over those tweets during the weekend. It's a very effective psychological tactic (attacking the straw man) through substitution that works like a charm.

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