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Monday, September 04, 2017

Bizarre Meeting Between Paul Ryan And His Hometown Newspaper's Editorial Staff

Here's an unbelievably surreal video and story line posted by Rep. Paul Ryan's hometown newspaper, the Janesville Gazette, described as a "meeting" with the newspaper's editorial staff and the congressman.
The video itself amounts to little more than Ryan repeating his standard talking points to the walls in between voiceless texted questions. All of his answers were allowed to remain without follow-up or challenge.

For a taste of what was "discussed," Ryan talks down a question about Trump's failing performance by writing it off as, "I wouldn't look at Twitter to judge his performance."

Besides the obviously absent follow-through, the Gazette's linked story to the video made no mention of the newspaper staff's interactions or perception of the congressman. Instead, they insert the opinions of two economists as if debating Ryan directly in the present tense and later followed-up by Ryan's spokesperson.

The paper ends the printed story line with a group of Ryan "said" this and thats. What a total embarrassment the Janesville Gazette is to inquiring minds and the profession of journalism.

On the other hand, the video of the meeting or the meeting itself would likely not exist if the Gazette didn't agree to the scripted boundaries demanded by the congressman. At this point, everything, I mean EVERYTHING Ryan does is staged OR it won't happen.

Ryan, famous for holding a fake dish washing scene at a real soup kitchen and now multiple fake town halls, can now add fake discussions with fake newspaper editorial staffs to his repertoire.

But by far the subject with the potential to affect residents of the 1st Congressional District the most, yet completely absent from the "discussion" was Paul Ryan's self-described "game-changing" Foxconn debacle. Not one word about it, printed or spoken. Obviously, the newspaper simply did not have his permission to discuss it.

Watch it:


Fyre8 said...

You can't hide, Paul Ryan's lies.

babette37 said...

Where is the press? The hard hitting questions? They just aren't doing their job.

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