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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Walker's Small Government Reforms: Forced "Dues" From Taxpayers As a Condition Of Employment

“No one should be forced to dues as a condition of employment." -- Rep. Robin Vos, April 2016

Newsflash: Last year, Wisconsin became the 25th state to pass Right to Work legislation, freeing taxpayers from being forced by government through automatic deductions to pay dues to unions Foxconn as a condition of employment.

Their rules. Ironic, isn't it?

Because, Wisconsin residents will have to do more than just forgo taxes from the Taiwanese electronics sweat shop giant. We will be forced to pay cash to Foxconn by writing checks for up to $200 million a year. We can call it a fee or dues, but it's a forced payment by any other name. "Free market" think tanks say we have the conservative reforms pushed by Gov. Scott Walker to thank. Honest.

Make no mistake. According to the contract, state government will be confiscating up to $200 million annually, through automatic deductions from Wisconsin paychecks and other tax collections, and transfer a set amount for as long as 15 years, to Foxconn for each employee hired. The money will not be paid to Foxconn if those employment conditions are not met.

Although all Wisconsinites qualify as "dues" paying members, the vast majority will not be hired by Foxconn. There is no provision in the bill allowing taxpayers the freedom to opt out.

Thanks to Walker, there is no right to work at Foxconn - only the right to pay.


Anonymous said...

good talking point to make to my right wing acquaintances. thanks.

Corey Garber said...

I guess the meaning of Pay to Play goes beyond the drop out leaders and is a condition for everyone to bow to "Trumpism" Kleptocracy

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