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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Paul Ryan Brushes Off Out-Of-District Constituents, Unless They're The Moneyed Kind

In case you missed it, State Rep. Mark Spreitzer (Beloit) sent Rep. Paul Ryan a letter asking the House Speaker to protect programs for rural Wisconsin communities. Spreitzer then shared Ryan's response on Twitter...

Spreitzer nailed it in seven words. "His response is unacceptable. Wisconsinites deserve better."

Yes indeed.

But Ryan's lame response toward out-of-district constituents doesn't jibe well with the Citizens United money equals speech argument. I mean, would Ryan send all correspondence including donations from Diane Hendricks to Rep. Mark Pocan? After all, Pocan is her congressman.

According to this latest story, Ryan set a GOP record fundraising $32.7 million during an off-year and I'm certain the vast majority of the money came from out-of-district constituents who cannot vote to re-elect candidate congressman Ryan. Now, if out-of-district money equals out-of-district speech on the issues as Spreitzer's request did, why doesn't Ryan refer those donations to the congressperson elected to represent those constituents? You know, as a courtesy...

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