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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Paul Ryan Visits Hometown Taking Bows For Dollar General

Wow ...did you see him? Don't blink or you'll miss the chance to bask in all of his glory.

Rep. Paul Ryan, the $100 million Wall Street charlatan from Kochistan, paid a visit to his hometown this weekend. But no, he wasn't attending any of the half dozen or so townhall invites his district constituents sent to him over the past few months. No, he wasn't taking any questions about his role in the Trump scandals or his responsibilities to check and balance the Executive Branch. Sorry. And no, he wasn't scheduling his own townhalls to discuss his replacement plan for Obamacare. What year do you think this is? 2009?

Instead, he was celebrating the grand opening of the new Dollar General warehouse and telling the folks, in his typically veiled politicalese, that his tax and regulatory reforms helped bring Dollar General to Janesville.

Business Wire Excerpt:
“I am thrilled Dollar General has decided to build its new distribution center in my hometown, Janesville,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan. “I believe the employees and employers in the Badger State can compete with anyone, and with pro-growth policies like tax and regulatory reform, we can help to continue to create jobs.”

Sure. No one bothered to ask him exactly which of his tax and regulatory reforms helped bring Dollar General to Janesville, versus say, to Illinois or Indiana.

Instead, they lapped it up. Gurgle ...lub, dub, glug, glug,...slurp, glug ...

WIFR Excerpt:

Dollar General also hopes Ryan's visit will attract people to the area.

"It is just another huge accomplishment for us. Just knowing the success that we've already had and the success that he has had in his career. For him to come back home and for this to be a part of his hometown is just fantastic for us," said director of the Janesville facility, Matt Lucas.

I tinted the background as a convenience just in case you're reading that without wearing rose colored glasses. I wouldn't want any of my readers to miss out.

But, "come back home." Paul Ryan is so special. He belongs to the world now. LOL.

To be fair, Dollar General's impression of the congressman isn't that far off. Ryan is like a foreign visitor or agent when he shows up in his hometown. But since the folks at Dollar General seemed so appreciative and knowledgeable of Ryan's efforts, you'd think someone would have bothered to ask them to point out one of Ryan's key tax or regulatory reforms that helped bring Dollar General to Janesville? Let others share in your secret formula for success. You think? Nahhh.

Or, which of Ryan's future reforms does Dollar General expect will bring the change they think is necessary? But to do what? Expand on the "incentives" that brought them to Janesville? Or shut that system down?

OK, I'll stop kidding with you. So, what brought Dollar General to Janesville? For starters, it was $18+ million worth of pure raw textbook collectivism that brought them here. And it was offered, no, it was absolutely necessary to offset Paul Ryan's legislative career of "tax and regulatory reforms." I'm not necessarily knocking it. Just saying it.

If Dollar General thinks I'm wrong, they should have no problem either refunding all the free stuff or at least explaining why it was necessary, OR pointing out which of Ryan's reforms brought them to Janesville. It's that easy.

Oh, as part of the celebration, Dollar General donated $10,000 to the Hedberg Public Library to support its literacy and outreach initiatives.

Wheeee. We're all rich again!


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Anonymous said...

I welcome Dollar General to Janesville but I was surprised, actually disappointed, that they played the political card for Paul Ryan during this event at a time when politics are so charged and divisive.

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