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Monday, March 13, 2017

Obamacare Repeal Becomes Paul Ryan's Vessel For Atlas Shrugged Care

With a gerrymandered majority in the House and retaking his hometown for his tenth consecutive win in 2016, the empty-suited congressman Paul Ryan is carrying his own personal mandate into Congress on the repeal of Obamacare.

Ryan, after many years of shrugging in his struggle fighting for the rich, intends on replacing the Affordable Care Act with massive tax cuts for the non-production, non-employee non-labor investor class, tax credits for the working class intended to defund government AND subsidize donor class members of America's unaffordable health care industry ...and block grants for the poor. Whew!

Some have termed Ryan's bill "Obamacare Lite," I call it "Atlas Shrugged Care."

JS Online Excerpt:
Let's abandon the pretense.

Republicans' "health care" bill is not really about health care. It's not about improving access to health insurance, or reducing premiums, or making sure you get to keep your doctor if you like your doctor. And it's certainly not about preventing people from dying in the streets.

Instead, it's about hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts — tax cuts that will quietly pave the way for more, and far larger, tax cuts.

Let's stop calling it the "Republican's bill." This has Ayn Rand written all over it. It's Paul Ryan's bill.

CBS News Excerpt:
As Republicans work to pitch their health care plan, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he can’t say how many people would lose coverage under the new legislation -- and that it will be “up to people” to decide whether they want to purchase coverage.

Let's not continue to kid ourselves here folks. Paul Ryan and his support base really believe that government "forced" people to buy health insurance they never wanted ...and that the majority of Americans unable to afford health care insurance was little more than a lifestyle "choice" they made when they decided to not earn enough income. Simple.

The bottom line: Paul Ryan's replacement for Obamacare is not health care at all. Instead, it's become his excuse to usher in what he calls "good tax policy," which is nothing more than tax cuts for the rich and a spring board into Atlas Shrugged.

For the "Pride of Janesville," it's now reached a state of emergency.

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