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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Paul Ryan Inaccessible? Hometown Newspaper Blames Protesters

In an unsurprising editorial titled "Protests are making Ryan even less accessible," Rep. Paul Ryan's hometown media enabler, the Janesville Gazette, blames recent attempts by constituents to engage with the empty feckless sellout congressman in open public discourse (townhalls) for his lack of visibility in the district.

They write that Trump's election has forced Ryan and his staff to change how they interact with the public they are paid to serve. But that doesn't make sense since Ryan endorsed, voted for, and fully supports Trump's policies.

With GOP control in every branch of government and now speaker of the house, Ryan's hyper-partisan dream is fulfilled. He should be at the top of his rhetoric game and proud to explain his wild-ass "reforms" to the public.

The Gazette concludes that protesters are undermining townhalls and should either start behaving or go home.

You might be able to read their editorial here, but the Gazette is a pay site.


Middle class guy said...

Yep. Good idea to make Ryan look like the victim here. Poor guy. Whatever happened to the phrase public servant?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Who owns the Gazette? I've gotten the impression that it's the production of Diane Hendricks and other Rock County oligarchs.

This is where the locals need to start writing en masse and saying "BULLSHIT" to garbage editorials like this, if not outright canceling the paper. Sticking up for the millionaire Congressman over prople losing their health care is as low class as it gets.

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