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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Facing More Revenue Losses, Vacant Directionless Janesville Officials Play With "Performance" Dashboard

After having more than a year's time to come up with solutions to neutralize the challenges of "Dark Store" lawsuits coming from emboldened members of the local swamp kleptocracy, the Janesville city administration, directionless and vacant, recommends the city capitulate to demands made by Blain's Farm and Fleet. The settlement is expected to refund $327,000 to Blain's and decrease their property's future assessed value by 21%.

In the meantime, city bureaucrats are promoting democracy through Facebook in the absence of representative democracy (Janesville has a politically deranged at-large form of government) and slapped together a propaganda dashboard Web Site to show how well they are performing.

They may as well have been playing tiddlywinks. Pay raises for everyone!!


Anonymous said...

I don’t see how Janesville officials are any different than other cities dealing with the dark store problem. Other cities have full democracy with a mayor and still pay settlements and reduce assessments. Are you aware of legislation pending similar to Indiana’s that will prohibit these lawsuits in the future? The state must fix it.

Btw, despite my disagreement on this, your blog is the only one worth reading every Sunday. Unique viewpoints and not chattering to the chorus. Been coming here for years and still can’t believe how few comments.

Lou Kaye said...

I didn’t think I implied that.
The graphic is not meant to be the reason for failing to address the dark store problem, but what they were doing instead of tackling it. My main point was that neutralizing the dark store mess should have been priority one instead of spending the last year making a self-ingratiating performance dashboard - among other things. .

There are ways to neutralize or shut down the dark store problem. I have two different solutions myself and had I been in the position they are in, on the city payroll, the council would have had choices to make. Instead, they are there and I am here and taxpayers are losing big $$$ expected to roll into the millions. Plus, I’m an independent voice and not beholden or part of their inner circle.

Thanks for your feed back and kind words. That is always welcome here.

Anonymous said...

But changes in assessment concepts would still have to go through the state. The city cannot change those laws unilaterally. ???

Lou Kaye said...

Anon, I'd love to reply to that but I would be divulging details and I can't do that ...yet.

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