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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Court House Park In Janesville Remains Off-Limits For Free Speech

The vacant underutilized Court House Park shortly before the advocacy group Ultraviolet begins its "postcard delivery" event at Rep. Paul Ryan's office.

For decades, Court House Park in downtown Janesville has been a welcoming place for important open-to-the-public civic activities. But for some unexplained reason, the park has not been mentioned in recent local stories and articles about advocacy groups planning outdoor speaking engagements or rallies.

The most recent newspaper story about the event hosted by the women's advocacy group, Ultraviolet, with Rep. Paul Ryan's office proves this account, despite the fact that the three-acre Court House park is only about 300 feet from Ryan's office.

Obviously there's a much bigger story here. But once again, Janesville does not have a community media outlet or an independent news service with enough integrity or basic journalistic curiosity to ask the tough questions.

Well. Except for little old me.

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