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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Paul Ryan Sends Veiled Threat To Mexico: "You'll Pay For Wall One Way Or Another"

After Trump repeatedly said that Mexico would pay for the wall and Mexico's president saying they won't, Trump's congressional enablers have decided to put American taxpayers on the hook first and exact revenge on Mexico later for reimbursement.

NY Mag Excerpt:
It’s unclear where the funding for that measure would come from, but of course, that’s only a temporary concern. Ryan assured Van Susteren that they’d figure out how to make Mexico pay, someday. “There are a lot of different ways of getting Mexico to contribute to doing this,” he said. “There are different ways of defining how exactly they pay for it.”

The urban legend Roman Catholic Koch brothers $100M Wall Street charlatan, formerly of "that's not who we are" fame appears to have accepted the role of enforcer for our gangster president.

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