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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cash Rich Janesville Buying More Land To Give Away

Here's a city memorandum asking the Janesville council to authorize the city manager to buy 126 acres on Janesville's south side.

Janesville City Council Agenda Excerpt:
Consideration and action authorizing the City Manager to negotiate the potential acquisition of certain real properties located at 801 South Wright Road and along County Trunk Highway G for public purposes solely in accord with the terms and conditions to be set by the City Council...

* Highlight is my emphasis.

For "public purposes?" So, they must have plans to build a train station, bus depot, a new public school, fire or police department facility? Right? Hmmm, not quite.

After watching the near hysterical council discussion between tools of the kleptocracy convincing each other how important it is for the city to purchase the land, their intentions and "fears" become obvious. They want the land so they can give it away for free. That's right. For free. For private purposes of course. But only after they draw a TIF District around it, quarantine the growth in assessed value and kick at least 10 years of annual property tax payments back to the "payer."

And, after they do this, one of their biggest fears is that they may run out of land to give away. Deep, fertile loamy Rock County land. Land that they value so much they give it away for free. I'm not kidding you.

Their second fear (if they don't buy the land) is that a private developer or company might buy the land on their own and build a residential or industrial development free from the rigged kleptocracy or local government encumberance. Oh ...God forbid! Anything but that!

This resolution passed the Janesville city council with unanimous consent.

The local kleptocracy is super strong.

Watch it: #2 under new business

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