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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Where's Paul Ryan On The Great Lakes Basin Rail Line?

As usual, he is absent.

Well, possibly not. If anything he is working FOR the rail line if you know what I mean.

When two state legislators spoke to a Rock County area crowd opposed to the proposed Great Lakes Basin Transportation rail line, they acknowledged there's not much they can do if the federal Surface Transportation Board grants permission to build.

JG Excerpt:
If the proposed rail were passed, the state Department of Transportation and the Wisconsin Rail Commission would have a say in the construction process but would not be able to stop it, Spreitzer said.

The state legislators are absolutely right. It's a federal deal.

Yet according to the newspaper report filed by the Janesville Gazette, Paul Ryan, who has repeatedly called himself the area's "go to" federal guy and is now Speaker of the House is not mentioned - not even once.

Why is that?

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