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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Walker Lobbies For State Power To Shackle Those With The Least

Here's a story where the title suggests the exact opposite to the meme implied.

The story titled, "Scott Walker wants fewer federal rules from Trump" and retitled as "Walker lobbies for less red tape" by others, is about Walker's latest effort claiming to "restore balance" between the state and federal government. When in truth, it's about Walker lobbying for more power so he can red tape those who have the least.

JS Online Excerpt:
Madison — Gov. Scott Walker Tuesday called on President-elect Donald Trump to immediately clear federal barriers to Wisconsin GOP goals like drug testing public benefit recipients and keeping Syrian refugees out of the state.

It only figures Walker doesn't let a minute go to waste when there's power to grab from the weak Unpresidented Donald Trump. It's not like Walker wants "the people" to have more power.

What Walker is saying is he wants more power for his state government so he can restrict people, unconstitutionally I must add, based simply on their ethnicity AND to apply more government rules (red tape) on the people.

It's one thing when "limited government conservatives" complain that big government is overbearing and intrusive, but it's another when one government complains that it is being prevented by another government from being overbearing and intrusive.

It's almost comical if it weren't so true, but Walker is indeed lodging a complaint that big government is hindering his "small government" agenda of placing his jack boot on the neck of the people.

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