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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Collectivism, Government Dependency Powers Janesville Jobs Growth, Economy

There is yet another story in the Janesville Gazette about an out-of-state business possibly setting up shop in Janesville. According to the story, a plastics company is looking to make a move into the Midwest and expects to bring 30 jobs to the area over a period of three years. That's good news!

The city's business welfare director, Gale Price, said he believes companies are considering the well-trained local workforce more and more as a key attraction as they think about entering the Rock County area.

As in the past, Gazette stories about companies moving to or expanding in Janesville are always laced with one or more morally upright reasons for the decision. This time it's the "workforce." Next time it might be Janesville's "community" of schools, roads, library, police and fire services, housing, parks or trails that attracted the business.

But in the end we know the real truth.

JG Excerpt:
Price is recommending that the city council on Monday approve a $93,000 tax increment financing proposal the city is offering Plastic Industries. Price said the company's move depends on the city granting the incentive package, which he said Plastic Industries could use either to offset hiring costs or pay for upgrades to space it will lease in the Venture Drive facility.

Without local government power providing collectivist funding for the carrot, there would be no real reason for the company to come to Janesville. It says so right there. The company "depends" on a cash payout or tax credit kickbacks OR it won't happen here.

And, it's not that that is necessarily a good or bad sale. But it is what it is.

Sure, they can call it job creation, an "incentive," or an investment or whatever they want to satisfy their meme or political correctness. But it is also trickle-down-economics in its pure form powered by government collectivism and sometimes corruption. It's everywhere. In every town and state. There's no denying it.

So why do so many continue to deny it?

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