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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Paul Ryan Retakes His Ward, Hometown and County To Win Re-Election

After losing his ward, hometown and county in the last two elections for the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin, local democrats returned to the polls on Tuesday to help Paul Ryan flip his city and win re-election. As it stands, all but three of Janesville's 28 active wards abandoned Ryan's democratic challenger.

Ryan's hometown, considered to be a consistently reliable democratic town, stood with the Koch sponsored Trump-enabling congressman while at the same time voting overwhelming for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump won only one Janesville ward and tied Clinton in another.

Some people think Ryan won his hometown this time around because of a nefarious campaign flyer sent to Janesville homes just days before the election. That might be why.

The flyer's author(s), claiming to oppose Paul Ryan and know Janesville well, attacked the city's residents calling them (us) "the most hateful, mean-spirited, racist, evil, nasty, neo-Nazi, Adolph Hitler, KKK, backwards people thinking people on earth." To be exact.

The first problem is, if they really knew Janesville, they would have known the city voted against Ryan in the two previous elections. They should have championed Janesville as a beacon of light fighting against the sold-out Koched-up Paul Ryans and other evils in the world, instead of attacking.

Keep in mind that nothing haunted Paul Ryan more in the last two elections than losing his hometown.

Because of the flyer's psychological screeds obviously built to exploit Janesville voters emotionally into circling the wagons around Ryan, the professional full color glossy 9 x 12 card looks to be the work of pro-Paul Ryan false flag operations.

The second problem is - it certainly looks like it worked.

Rock County 2016 General Election Results

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