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Friday, October 28, 2016

City Administrators Still Struggling To Balance $950K Deficit With $1.5M

As predicted in my last posting on the city administration's budget travesty, the latest Gazette budget article makes no mention of the city's nearly year-long raging $950,000 deficit, or whatever the true amount is. The deficit simply disappeared, "poof" like a rabbit in a magic trick.

But now, and this is adorable, the latest story from the people behind the curtain has spun into a struggle for them to make it work.

Apparently, their mix of general fund lump sum cash ($551,000), unanticipated savings from employee attrition and new annual fee hikes totaling $1,588,000 as outlined here, is still $85,108 short to balance the $950,000 deficit.

If only the rest of us used the same math to fix our budget problems.

You can read the Gazette's run-around story on this here. Note: It is behind a pay wall.

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