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Monday, September 05, 2016

Establishment Tools Easily Crush The Opposition "Movement"

As you probably know, the establishment Koch puppet Pro-TPP $100M Wall Street charlatan, Paul Ryan, crushed his primary opponent on August 9th. In a much lesser watched Wisconsin house race on the other side of the aisle, another Pro-TPP Wall Street charlatan, Rep. Ron Kind, also crushed his primary opponent. And after all the brouhaha from Sanders supporters against Pro-TPP political establishment Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, she also decisively defeated her primary challenger.

Topping off those establishment incumbent victories is the defeat of Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp. The Club For Growth Koch-backed Huelskamp, a key member of the anti-establishment House Freedom Caucus who won his seat during the 2010 Tea Party wave, lost to a political newcomer in the Republican primary for his Kansas district. Huelskamp's opponent won with the support from deeply entrenched establishment lobby groups in business and agriculture.

Granted, those were primary races and I'm not trying to put the defeated hardline conservative Huelskamp into the same political camp with the defeated Bernie Sanders, but there can be no denying there are common rigged-establishment forces propping up all the victors, be it Paul Ryan, Ron Kind or Huelskamp opponent.

So it appears we have the moneyed Club For Growth, Koch-backed conservative purity establishment VS the moneyed media enabled neo-liberal trickle-down economics Chamber of Commerce establishment, otherwise known as the status quo, VS any "movement" establishment. The first two always seem to unite to defeat the common enemy movement establishment, whoever it is and whatever it is. While the all powerful Chamber of Commerce "status quo" rolls over everybody, even the Club For Growth Koch-backed establishment when given the choice - in the end.

So what does this all mean? From my view, it means that if the powers that carried all of the status quo primary victors prevail again in November after the fall-out has settled from what many political observers consider a knock-out game-changing election year - absolutely nothing has changed.

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