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Friday, September 23, 2016

Desperate To Silence John Doe DA's, Walker Uses Divide And Conquer

Gov. Scott Walker was asked at an event in Beloit on Thursday whether he expects to hear more from the John Doe investigation after the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether or not to hear the case. Excerpt:
"I would think most people in the state would think after the U.S. Supreme Court rules on this that there’s certainly not a lack of work to be done in Milwaukee County on issues related to crime and on other issues," Walker said. "We hear, not only in that county, but in other counties, about the need for additional district attorneys and additional resources. I think a lot of people wonder, if they continue to spend time after the U.S. Supreme Court were to rule on this, if that’s really necessary, if they have time to spend on this even after the courts have shut it down."

As most people have learned from Scott Walker, divide and conquer is a retaliatory strategy that pits constituents, state employees and teachers, generally anyone he perceives as his adversary, against each other over funding in order to break down their will.

In this case, Walker boldly sends a veiled threat to defund or deny DOJ requests for additional staffing by implying DA's must obviously have too much time on their hands now IF they continue to build a case into his campaign activity including possible state ethics violations.

Of course Walker is hoping his defunding message is received by DA offices around the state in hopes they apply pressure on the John Doe prosecutors to silence them into submission.

Scott Walker appears so incorrigibly corrupt that he can't even stop himself from publicly offering state funds (or withholding them) to state district attorneys in exchange for personal benefit.

Meanwhile, the Walker administration spin Walker's statement into a simple suggestion that county offices might not be properly allocating existing resources.


Rep. Mark Pocan - After Gov. Walker Threatens District Attorney Offices, Rep. Pocan Calls on DOJ to Ensure Retaliation Not Occur, May Need to Intervene

ICYMI - Explore the full cache of The Guardian's John Doe documents on DocumentCloud.

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