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Monday, August 15, 2016

Wisconsin Carnival Barker Laments: Trump Is Running On Our Kool-Aid

It's like ...what do you mean? You mean Barack Obama really isn't the socialist Kenyan Marxist Muslim founder of ISIS from the planet Obumbus? Or that Hillary Clinton really isn't a Russian communist vampire coming to devour our children and take our guns away?

Here's a short story worth reading.

In a nutshell, right-wing extremist Wisconsin radio yam, Charlie Sykes, admits 20 years of spewing garbage on the Fourth Estate with the purpose to either delegitimize them or force them into submission worked so well, that Donald Trump is now running on their juice and there's no media authority their brain-washed listeners will trust as credible enough to set the record straight.

TPM Excerpt:
The Milwaukee radio host, who has been strongly anti-Trump, told Business Insider’s Oliver Darcy that conservative media talking heads, himself included, have “spent 20 years demonizing the liberal mainstream media.” While Sykes argued some of the criticism is “justifiable,” he said those years of attack have destroyed the credibility of media companies trying to fight Trump’s fact-proof campaign with deep reporting.

Ironically, the "Never Trump" group-think in Wisconsin was the creation of the same bullshit artists who continue to prop up Gov. Scott Walker, Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Ron Johnson. In Wisconsin, they have demonized the media to the point where no one wants to mediate, prosecution where no one wants to prosecute, petitioners where no one wants to petition, and a political environment no one wants to compromise.

My other point is; the "monster" they've created will not disappear when Donald Trump or Scott Walker leave the arena. Instead, the monster is an alarmingly large bloc of brainwashed Americans who at some point after Trump will wake up to the fact that they've been seriously duped into living the lies. That's the monster the self-described right-wing alternative media operators will have to reconcile with. They know it's coming.


Addicting Info - Right wing radio host regrets that conservatives were turned into fact free monsters

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