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Saturday, August 06, 2016

The Demagogues Of Democracy Warn: Voting Can Disrupt The Outcome

Some Hot Notes on Rock The First:

First off as a reminder, Bernie Sanders easily won the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin in the Spring presidential primary and if there was one congressman, one public official, who is the antithesis of Bernie Sanders and everything he stands for - it is Rep. Paul Ryan.

So with a 16% voter turnout predicted for Wisconsin, the stars appear to be in alignment for a grassroots effort like "Rock The First" to change the course of establishment events. On that note I'm asking Sanders 1st CD supporters (I am one) to Rock The First on August 9th.

Nothing else compares. Nothing else should matter.

Secondly, I ask voters who have long opposed Paul Ryan in the 1st CD but strangely oppose the Rock The First campaign this: "What is your strategy to displace Paul Ryan?" Is your strategy to slam his primary opponent into losing and then favor Ryan's longshot democratic opponent in the General? No offense meant at all to the other candidates, but if it is:

Then we have a couple articles from democratic party establishment operators attacking Ryan's primary opponent and smearing any voting strategy that could, as they put it "disrupt the outcome."

The Hill Excerpt:
Make no mistake: My endorsement of Ryan is limited to the GOP primary next Tuesday. I will favor his longshot Democratic opponent in the general election and support Democratic hopes to regain control of the House and Senate in November.

In my view, there is no excuse for any democrat to endorse Paul Ryan in his party's primary for any reason.

True Democrats and Progressives should do everything politically possible to take the Koch puppet $100M Wall Street charlatan out of the General Election. Nothing else should matter. In fact I would go as far to say as NOT voting for his opponent in the party primary is a disservice not only to the nation and the district, but to democracy in general and all the other candidates.

The Hill Excerpt:
No campaign that seeks to exploit bigotry and fear, as Nehlen does by raising the obviously unconstitutional and neo-Hitlerian notion of deporting all American Muslims because of their faith, should ever succeed in America. If such a campaign were to succeed, it would be a dark moment in our history and a cancer on American democracy.

Sadly, it's funny how the writer slams Paul Nehlen for exploiting bigotry and fear. Yet seemingly exempts Paul Ryan, the powerful Speaker of the House, for jumping on Trump's neo-Hitlerian bigotry and fear coattails right into the White House ...because Ryan believes Trump will sign his policies into law. For real! For Ryan's defenders, that's all OK. Cuz he's a "solid family man."

But Rock The First? Oh man ...what a scam!

Their exercise slamming Ryan's opponent in the GOP primary is short-term, misguided and visionless. Does anyone question Paul Ryan's long-term strategy to install his agenda by defeating democrats and endorsing the bigoted, dangerously unhinged Donald Trump? No. In fact, Ryan's supporters back him and sympathize, "He's in a tough position and courageously trying to balance his support for Donald Trump."

Give me. A break.

Then there's this passage in the Janesville Gazette from Rock County Democratic Party officials...

JG Excerpt:
“We also wish to make it clear that we do not support Democrats voting in the Republican primary for the sole purpose of disrupting the outcome,” Long continued. “We understand the desire to replace the speaker, but we must remember that integrity within the political system begins with us.

Yeah. No.

Let's be clear about this. PEOPLE uniting outside of party influence or establishment special interests to vote Paul Ryan or ANY political opponent out of office is not "disrupting the outcome." It's the essence of democracy.

Ever hear of the Tea Party? They derive much of their power from a strategy of messaging and uniting voters to favor one candidate over another, usually in Republican primaries. In fact, the Racine County Tea Party recently endorsed Paul Ryan over Nehlen. It's a voting strategy with a long-term vision to install their agenda. Where's the outrage?

But Rock The First? ...what a scam and a cheat!

Truth is; Political parties that run fake candidates or conspire to abandon their party's nominee are actions done for the sole purpose of disrupting the outcome. Sound familiar?

Lastly, these major establishment power players write up Ryan's challenger, Paul Nehlen, like he's the devil incarnate. It's sad and disgusting, but then if he's so terrible those fine folks should be able to make a convincing argument against his campaign and ideas in a general election for the win.

So it comes down to this, folks. Some believe it's a cruel calculation to vote for Paul Nehlen because he will be easier to defeat than the deeply entrenched Koch puppet $100M Wall Street charlatan in November. I won't argue that point.

But the most cruel calculation is opposing Rock The First by believing a democrat will defeat Paul Ryan in November.

I'd also like to think I've made some democrats angry enough to prove me wrong. I don't count on it, but I'd call that a major victory.


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Anonymous said...

You know Ryan and Hillary will win the 1st, just like Ryan and Obama did. That's the outcome they don't want the people to disrupt. Great blog!

I'll be voting Rock the First on the 9th!

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