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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Pass It On - "Anonymous" Commentary #10

On Rising Home Values In Rock County and Janesville:
✦ Hmmm. Not funny that home values are rising in Janesville while commercial property owners are having their assessed values artificially lowered. Do the math. Do the politics. Then look in your wallet.

✦ I hope Janesville homeowners are bracing for a dramatic increase in property taxes as area big businesses lawyer up handsome deductions for their own property tax bill. That, coupled with the city council cutting off Janesville's downtown from contributing future higher assessments to General Fund obligations for the next 27 years will create a dramatic shift in the tax burden from wealthy developers and big business to modest Janesville homeowners. It should worry everyone.

On Rock The First:
✦ Every person voting for local democrats in the First Congressional District primary - is a vote for Paul Ryan.

✦ If you're a democrat or self-described progressive and find yourself suddenly defending Paul Ryan against Paul Nehlen in the GOP primary, you should man up. Apparently, you never had much faith in any democrat ever defeating Ryan or even an upstart like Nehlen in the General Election. No strategy. No vision. Same. Old.

✦ Hey, I've never seen this before in Janesville, but there are Paul Ryan signs staked in yards with well known area democrats running for office. No wonder why many Republicans think he's a RINO. Or the democrats are corporate-shill DINO's. It's one or the other.

✦ I disagree with that. Yards staked with multiple democratic candidates and Paul Ryan during this partisan primary election could be one of the smartest ploys I've seen yet. It helps reinforce the notion many conservatives already have of Ryan - that he is a closet neoliberal, globalist and democrat. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

✦ If you want to get Republicans fired up and drive them to Paul Nehlen, just plop a Paul Ryan sign in your front yard with a bunch of democrat posters. LOL!

✦ Watch out for social media counter campaigns aligning Ryan with everything Obama - to the point of ridiculous. They want to humiliate and antagonize 1st CD Democrats into NOT Rocking The First by implying Paul Nehlen is much worse. Don't believe the hype. You'll know what I mean when you see that message targeting only democratic leaning communities in the 1st CD when it clearly belongs ONLY in GOP strangle-holds.

✦ Every night before bedtime this week, Republican Party of Wisconsin officials pray for democratic voters in the 1st congressional district to get informed on the importance of voting in their local democratic primaries.

✦ Have you noticed the heightened establishment media buzz on democratic candidates running in the August 9th primary? So much that most voters in the 1st CD don't know that they have a rare opportunity to participate in a history-making republican primary. Of course, that's the establishment's whole point.

✦ Don't fall for the local media hype over candidates in the democratic primaries. It's a trap to ensure Paul Ryan wins re-election. They don’t want you to know there's a republican primary in the 1st CD of national consequence. It’s of the highest importance to vote for Paul Ryan's opponent, Paul Nehlen, on August 9th. But absolutely, Democratic candidates are worthy of your vote in November.

✦ Very telling for Paul Ryan’s hometown media lapdog, the Janesville Gazette, when their biggest concern over Trump’s remarks about Paul Ryan’s primary challenger’s campaign was that it gave his challenger, Paul Nehlen, a burst of free publicity one week before the primary election.

✦ I thought I'd never see the day where voting for one democrat over another in a primary is more important than having the once-in-lifetime opportunity to finally remove Paul Ryan from office. But here it is. I'm convinced democrat voters are the ones who have kept Ryan in office all along. They want him in there. Wake up!

On Paul Nehlen's Billboard Ads:
✦ Does Nehlen's campaign realize there is no need to place billboard ads in Janesville? Janesville already knows Ryan well enough to vote for the other guy, albeit a democrat, in the last two elections.

✦ Janesville is the only major town in the 1st CD to reject Ryan. It's late in the game, but Nehlen's campaign should focus on Walworth, Kenosha, Racine and Waukesha. Those are the places where many "conservatives" apparently still need some convincing.

On Bliss Com Challenging Their Property Taxes:
✦ Typical two-faced Janesville Gazette. No wonder why they've implied the Janesville economy will enter into a "death" spiral if residents refuse to accept higher tax obligations. They've been lawyering up to pay lower property tax for themselves. Somebody else will have to pay the difference. That's you and me.

On Democratic Voters:
✦ Let's be frank and forthright: If you are not voting in November, you are in effect voting for Trump. If you are not voting for Hillary Clinton, you are also in effect voting for Trump. That's indefensible.

✦ You think Wisconsin Democrats lack strategy, are detached and embarrassed after losing three times to Scott Walker? If Paul Ryan defeats Paul Nehlen with 16% turnout, they may as well turn out the lights for good.

On Nuns On The Bus in Janesville:
✦ The Nuns On The Bus are great and their effort to bridge the political divide in America deserves applause. But there are two sides in every divide. After visiting Janesville's Fourth Ward, they should have also visited and spoke with members of Forward Janesville, the Gazette, Rock County 5.0 and Diane Hendricks of ABC Supply in Beloit. Those are the folks who blew up the local bridge and pretend like they did nothing wrong.

On, "we're a red state now":
✦ Here is a list: education cut, rising public utility fees, no money for local roads or police officers but plenty for wealthy insider special interests. Now city taxpayers will get stuck with the tab to clean up the GM plant? We're a republican red state now. Let it self-regulate itself.

On Janesville's million dollar deficit:
✦ It's the result of a perfect storm of mismanagement, special interest greed, a two-faced business community, multiple cover-ups, top-down red state budget politics, unsustainable growth plans, an incorrigible city council and a bullshit artist local media.

✦ For five months the city and its "community" media enablers kept a lid on the budget deficit while the administration pushed the downtown TIF District placing nearly $30 million in quarantine for Forward Janesville pet projects. That should be unacceptable to working class taxpayers of Janesville.

✦After administrating a $950,000 deficit, the city manager blamed it in part on raises for city workers. Yet those same city employees opposed a token raise for poll workers? The problem is their 'petition' implied they would deny a small raise to poll workers even if the city had the money. Remember that the next time THEY want a raise.

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