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Monday, July 11, 2016

Pass It On - "Anonymous" Commentary #9

On Rock County Office Candidates:
✦ Amazing how the Janesville Gazette complains when incumbents face no challengers and again complain when there's too many candidates. Why all the hoopla?

✦ It's that special time again to consider dismantling elective county offices in Rock and turn them all into appointments by the local oligarchy. Why? Because too many Democrats are campaigning for those jobs.

✦ Watch for the League of Women Voters to chime in with their editorial on why voters should surrender their right to vote for administrative offices. They prefer government bureaucrats and hand-picked committees chosen by the local oligarchy to make those hiring decisions.

✦ Oh my God! Oh my God! Some candidates for county offices are receiving endorsements ...from local unions! Partisans! Don't they understand the Janesville Gazette does not endorse during primaries and only the newspaper is permitted to endorse candidates anyways? Sheesh.

✦ Why isn't the Rock County Executive office elective? When did the area's elite steal that one from the people?

On Political Yard Signs In Janesville:
✦ Saw a few yards staked with signs for candidates from both parties. It's nice to think bipartisanship still exists, but the August election is a partisan primary. You can't vote a Republican for Congress AND a Democrat for Rock County Deeds on the same ballot. Save your bipartisanship for November.

On Not Changing Janesville City Council primary elections:
✦ Local Newspaper headline, "Janesville City Council keeps right to rule on primary elections." It should have been, "Janesville City Council incumbents keep advantage to rule on their own primary elections." There. That's better. And more accurate.

✦ So three Janesville council members said primaries give new city council candidates little time to introduce themselves and their ideas. They're right. But they should have had the courage of their convictions and propose eliminating all council primaries regardless the number of candidates. It's an at-large system anyways where the top 3 or 4 vote getters win. Amazing how power corrupts.

On Donald Trump:
✦ Say what you will about about Donald Trump, but his authentic racism, bigotry and xenophobia helped expose the dishonest authenticity of the entire republican presidential field.

✦ Trump is a "racial healer" in the same way Scott Walker is a "pro-labor progressive."

✦ If Trump wins, his presidency would be such a disaster he might not be able to finish the term.

On Scott Walker Speaking At Trump's Convention:
✦ Scott Walker will be a speaker at the RNC Trump convention? Walker does nothing unless there's something in it for him. So, what office did Trump promise him? Secretary of Labor?

✦ Scott Walker is positioning himself for the presidency in 2020 or 2024? I wouldn't bet on it. Remember earlier, Trump exposed Walker as just another poser, but said he "likes" him. Walker wants badly out of Wisconsin, but only if he can land a secure unaccountable job. Trump might now feel he owes Walker a cabinet post. Plus, America has seen enough of the balding cross-eyed Walker antique to ever elect him outright - nothing to do with his age.

On Railroad:
✦ Suddenly, Rock County farmland is prized enough to protest for? Where was everybody when Janesville was working on its pro-sprawl Comprehensive Growth Plan? I recall one or two farmers and the area's courageous environmentalist showing up to speak in opposition at the public hearing. That was it.

✦ Get a load of this: TransCanada wants $15 billion from U.S. for not building pipeline.

✦ Real farmers and landowners concerned about a railroad on their land better start asking politicians in Wisconsin where they stand on a GOP proposal to sue businesses for 3X damages that don't allow firearms if customers are injured or killed. You don't think they're related? Think again. It's a spin-off from TPP language that allows corporations and countries to sue another for lost profits when they are prevented from utilizing the private property of others for their market gains. There's more to come. Vote out all ALEC flacks. Consider yourself warned.

On Rep. Paul Ryan's Border Fence Position:
✦ Sent 'anonymously.'

On First Congressional District House Race:
A recent poll (by P.M.I.) shows that with one month remaining before Wisconsin’s August 9th vote, Paul Ryan holds a lead of 11 points over his primary challenger, Paul Nehlen. If anything it shows a net gain for Nehlen and that his campaign is starting to move the needle at just the right time. Nehlenmentum! But it also alludes to a large bloc of voters (25%) hedging away from Ryan and towards Rock The First!

✦ Conventional thinking has Paul Ryan crushing his primary challenger and any Democrat he faces in the General. If that holds and the numbers are the same old story, I will never help Democrats or activist groups with any opposition issue campaigns, emailers, protests or petitions again if they refuse to step up to defeat him when they have their best chance. At the very least, they will appear disingenuous in all their future efforts.

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