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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Walker Booster's Comical Demand For Road Funding: Just Fix It!

Four years ago, Scott Walker, carried on the backs in part by tax-confiscating red-state donor groups like Forward Janesville and the three-times endorsing Janesville Gazette, won the recall election against him. He won despite the many warnings from people, including myself, about the dire consequences Wisconsin faces with his so called "reforms" and policies.

We warned about the reckless funding priorities, the reckless defunding priorities, the race-to-the-bottom economic strategy, the dumbing down of education, the loss of local control, a state-knows-best mentality, adverse environmental impacts, attempts to disable the state's open record laws, a culture of corruption, the destruction of the state's Forward heritage, a class warfare envy and resentment strategy, a political climate of divide and conquer, the human carnage ...the list goes on and on. It seems never-ending.

So on this day, Walker's local media enabler posted another one of their eye-rolling, Walker-protecting, the sky is falling, hootin' howl editorials on road funding demanding that somebody, SOMEBODY should "Just Fix It."

They do acknowledge that Walker promises to veto higher taxes and fees to fund roadwork. In fact, Walker would veto everything, I mean everything the "conservative" Gazette themselves suggest in their editorial to fix it! Honest. What a hoot!

But they endorsed him, so they don't blame him. They can't.

Instead, they want voters to quiz lawmakers and candidates running for state office - blame them - about how they would plug the impossible, the funding gap to ensure the I39/90 project stays on schedule. Well obviously, candidates shouldn't suggest anything the Gazette just did in their editorial ...remember, Walker's veto.

But if any incumbent or challenger had the right answer for that, why bother running for a state house seat? To earn the Gazette's endorsement, governor is what you want to run for.

So the best answer any public office seeker could give for the Gazette's lame resolving question is, "Wait for 2018 and please don't vote for Scott Walker."


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