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Monday, May 02, 2016

Questions Janesville Officials Should Answer

Since Janesville doesn't have investigative reporting or commentary unbeholden to the corporate establishment narrative, that leaves me once again asking the questions others won't.

Janesville gave Grainger Industrial Supply a $227,500 cash loan advance in 2010 in a TIF District deal with a provision it would be "forgiven" on the creation of 130 new jobs.

But a recent audit report from the state’s WEDC agency shows Grainger failed to create the 130 jobs necessary to qualify for tax credits negotiated with the state at the same time of the Janesville deal. The state is attempting to claw back $50k worth in claimed tax credits from Grainger.

Question #1: Will the city of Janesville pursue action to claw back the $227k it gave Grainger?

Questions #2 and #3: Which city department or person is responsible for tracking TIF agreement benchmarks and why wasn’t this reported much earlier?

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