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Monday, March 07, 2016

Scott Walker's Office Suggest If They Had Only Known About Bradley's Bigotry

In a breaking news story, the folks at One Wisconsin Now uncovered letters written by Rebecca Bradley for her college newspaper in 1992 where she described gay people as "degenerates" and "queers" among other trangressions against people who have contracted AIDS. Bradley is a candidate for the Wisconsin State Surpreme Court.

Wisconsin State Journal Excerpt:
A spokeswoman for Gov. Scott Walker, who appointed Bradley to three judicial positions in as many years -- including as Supreme Court justice last fall -- said Monday that "neither the Governor nor our office was aware of the columns."

The spokeswoman did not immediately respond to whether Walker would have appointed Bradley had he known.

Well you know Walker's people will be crowd sourcing an answer for that question from the state's conservative radio wingnuts.

Because you have to keep in mind that Scott Walker has an army of vetters feverishly combing blacklists and high school yearbooks for any piece of dirt they can find on opponents or appointments. So it is possible he knew all along of Bradley's history and appointed her BECAUSE those views coincide with the conservative metanarrative.

But on the surface, it sure sounds like Walker would NOT have appointed Rebecca Bradley to judgeships including the state's Supreme Court had he been made aware of her views.


You also now have to wonder where in the world is Wisconsin's mainstream media in all of this? And why didn't they uncover this many months ago?

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