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Monday, March 28, 2016

New Milestone: Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin Pays The Most For Kilowatts In The Midwest

In Wisconsin, the hits just keep on coming.

After reading this short article, I wondered how the state's business lobby, Wisconsin Commerce and Manufacturers (WMC), would respond if Wisconsin's governor and legislatures were not republican majorities. Because we know in the past, the WMC would publicly shred any democratic politicians and policies they thought contributed to making Wisconsin more uncompetitive among peer states.

LaCrosse Tribune Excerpt:
MILWAUKEE — A new study shows electricity rates in Wisconsin are the highest among eight Midwest states, but residents might not be paying as much as those in neighboring states because they use far less power on average.

An analysis by the state Public Service Commission found that 2015 marked the first year that Wisconsin's rates for residential, commercial and industrial electric customers ranked higher than Michigan and six other Midwestern states.

This latest report comes on top of earlier reports showing Wisconsin ranks worst among the 50 states in terms of a shrinking middle class, worse than before for property taxes paid on home value, the worst poverty in 30 years and depending on the data, has either the third worst or fourth worst roads in the nation.

The bottom line is; we're paying much more out of pocket in Wisconsin - and getting less in return like everything else since Scott Walker was elected governor.


Chuck Johnston said...

I can't understand how he won two elections and a recall vote. There is either something terribly wrong with the people of Wisconsin, or their has been election tampering. possibly involving the Diebold voting machines. The owner of that company is a rock solid conservative extremist who at one point promised to "deliver the votes" for GW Bush.

NoSheep4U said...

Isn't this Paul Ryan's district?

Dan Hartung said...

Paul Ryan is in Congress, in Washington. He has no role in setting Wisconsin utility rates, which is done by a commission appointed by the Governor.

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