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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Paul Ryan: Entitlements For Meeee. But Not For Thee.

In a speech at something called Heritage Action, Speaker Paul Ryan told republicans not to put another progressive in the White House and warned them not to play identity politics because that's what democrats want you to do. Talk about projection.

He also raised the alarm yet again about the national debt and reforming Social Security and other entitlement programs - even if he loses his House seat over it.

The Hill Excerpt:
“If you wait until after a progressive leaves the White House again, it’s going to be too late,” the Speaker said. “You will have to cut benefits in real time on people who are in retirement. You will have to pull the rug out from under people.”

His warnings about entitlements and the $19 trillion national debt came during a question-and-answer period after his speech to the group.

According to Ryan, the national debt is rising so rapidly that he wants to cut Social Security benefits for future recipients right now and raise the age of eligibility to collect those benefits.

The Hill Excerpt:
“I am fine if I lose my seat in 2018 after doing the right thing to save America. No problem,” he added. “That is the attitude we have to have, but we’ve got to lay it out there to the country.”

He's doing it for "the country." Wow.

The only thing at stake right now for the career politician from Wisconsin is his re-election in 2016. Because if Ryan wins again and it certainly looks like democrats will make sure that he does, 2018 will mark his 20th year in Congress making him eligible to collect full U.S. taxpayer funded retirement benefits at age 50. That's right.

Apparently, the national debt is terrible ...just not THAT terrible to reform those congressional entitlements.

But he's eager to the point of urgent to "reform" our safety nets with cuts and raise the age to collect, while he kicks back in a hammock collecting generous monthly stipends from a government he claims is broke ...and he's doing it for the country!

Bless his heart.


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Democurmudgeon said...

Incredible and scary.

Anonymous said...

Go Paul

Anonymous said...

This is even worse than his hypocrisy with the family time condition he demanded for speaker because congressional pensions help drive debt as opposed to funded liabilities or weekend time with the family.

Just incredible bold-faced hypocrisy.

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