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Friday, February 26, 2016

Gov. Walker Owns This: Wisconsin Poverty Hits Highest level In 30 years

According to a trend analysis of U.S. census data released by UW-Madison researchers, poverty in Wisconsin hit its highest level in 30 years in 2014.

There is little to add to this unfortunate news other than to note how it underpins two earlier reports. The first, a report in early 2015 from Pew Trust Research ranking Wisconsin worst among the 50 states in terms of a shrinking middle class, and the second, a recent analysis of BLS data showing Wisconsin also happens to lead the nation in union membership decline.

These three reports combined obviously throws water on the governorship of Scott Walker, whose political campaigns described a state that would be headed in a better direction from the national trends under his bold "reforms" leadership. The data shows otherwise. Wisconsin is not only barely keeping up with the best national trends, but is leading the nation in the worst of worst categories.

There is now no denying that the state's right-wing engineered economic policies, written by groups whose names betray those results, the hyper-partisan Americans For Prosperity and Club For Growth, and carried out under the iron fist of Scott Walker and his single party ruled central state legislature, own the whole shebang.

Read the news report here.


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Peter Felknor said...

No, Mr. Kaye, you are so wrong! Fundamentally, all of these unfortunate trends can be laid squarely at the feet of Jim Doyle and Barack Obama. And public school funding. And BadgerCare. And those damned needy veterans. Buck up, Wisconsin, this is a brave new world we're living in!

Unknown said...

OMG! I cannot believe you are buying into the Walker bull Mr. Felknor. My quality of life dropped drastically after Scott Walker's first year in office. It had nothing to do with Doyle or President Obama. Thankfully, Obamacare helped my with medical bills!

Peter Felknor said...

Um... I was trying to be ironic. Hoped the bit about the veterans would be a clue. My family has also suffered greatly under the Walker regime. FEEL THE BERN!

Lou Kaye said...

It's always Obama's fault! Dentist appointment canceled? Obama's fault. Pet hit by a car? Obama's fault. Basement flooded? Obama's fault. Bath drain clogged? Obama's fault. Fuse box breaker tripped? Obama's fault. Coffee maker calcified? Obama's fault. Roof leaking? Obama's fault ... Seriously, there really are folks who really believe all of that. Just flipping amazing.

Anonymous said...

Obama stole my lunch!

Lou Kaye said...

Hah! That too...

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