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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

City Economic Development Director: "We're Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is"

When a city employee promotes yet another new TIF District and then says, "we're putting our money where our mouth is," it makes me wonder whose money? And into whose mouth?

But that is what Gale Price, the director of Janesville's economic development, said about the city's latest attempt to corral taxpayer dollars for Forward Janesville's downtown ARISE gimmick.

For now I'll take his words literally. That is to ask; is he willing to freeze his money, his salary and the entire city adminstration’s salaries including police and fire at a 2016 baseline amount for the 27 year life term of the TIF they propose? If not, where do they suggest the money will come from to pay future employee raises, city services and the higher costs associated with their backward growth plans?

Not all at once now. * sigh *


Anonymous said...

Hey I recall some years back you were blogging support for rebuilding downtown and that it was abandoned by the city. Something about Janesville being hollowed out like a donut. What changed?

Lou Kaye said...

Nothing changed of my support for a strong vibrant downtown including the creation of non-partisan downtown business association, only except the times have changed. Years ago when I railed against the city’s junk growth plans, that was before GM left and Walker’s election. It’s a very different political and economic climate now, particularly after Walker’s re-election in 2014.

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