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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Walker Ripped "Vision 2020 Project" Name From Local Divide and Conquer Manifesto

When I heard Scott Walker use the moniker "Vision 2020 Project," in his state of the state speech, I thought there was familiar ring to it.

Now I remember. Vision 2020 was a well compiled magazine by the Janesville Gazette published in April 2013. Most of the content was geared for Rock County and centered around redevelopment of Janesville's riverfront and downtown. It was book ended inside the covers with full page ads from Forward Janesville and the area's Bilderbergs, the notorious divide-and-conquer "Rock County 5.0" cartel. That alone ought to tell you it's not about your vision.

But mixed into the fifty pages of seemingly harmless stories of business ideas and bloated egos were also several ideologically skewed pieces that can best be summed up this way...

Rock Netroots
Vision 2020 is a right-wing engineered template designed to rob young economically disadvantaged Americans of the Dream past generations enjoyed ...and make it look attractive. First, it does this by remodeling public education into a taxpayer funded work force training program for donor class businesses and corporations.

Second, it strips away a person's individuality, identity and will to control their own destiny. Vision 2020 is about satisfying somebody else’s version of happiness – and that version could be society’s, a corporation’s or the state’s plans for our happiness. It can only succeed by baiting individuals into destroying their own personal pursuit of happiness.

And now, Scott Walker will be taking those ideas state wide.


RNR - They hope your kid wants to be a welder when he grows up

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