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Friday, December 11, 2015

Paul Ryan May Have Telegraphed Rigged GOP Primary

It's beginning to look like Donald Trump will not be the GOP's nominee for president in 2016. But as you probably have noticed, everything is pointing to Trump as he gains more conservative supporters with each passing day.

But it was Paul Ryan, the current House Speaker, who seemingly destroyed his earlier "this is not conservatism" damning assessment of Trump (although he did not mention his name) when he said “I’m going to support whoever the Republican nominee is." That leaves the door open for Trump.

Or does it? That is, does Ryan already know Trump will not be the republican party's nominee and all that remains is not the rigging of ceremony, but how to isolate and batter Trump from this point on?

As John Nichols from the Nation points out here, Ryan sent a mixed message of deep criticism towards Trump followed by a seemingly bizarre commitment to support the “not what this party stands for” nominee. Conflicting indeed, but Ryan re-qualifies that position with the cloaked 'going to support whoever the Republican nominee is,' without further explanation.

Ryan of course is now in a position of "in the know" and the republican party is very good at trickling down in the arena of public sentiment against their opponents from as early a point as possible. It's their M.O. Democratic candidates for instance usually have no clue to what is going on until it's too late. The thing is, Trump is not running as a Democrat and is still looking to the republican party as an ally when they have him listed as their enemy. Of course Trump isn't playing blind to this, but for now the GOP is holding the upper hand because in my view, it appears they've already decided.

Add to the mix that Ryan's hometown enabler, the Janesville Gazette, tells the GOP and by extension, their readers (after all, the Gazette still considers itself a legitimate newspaper, not a GOP party newsletter) to follow non-candidate Paul Ryan, not Donald Trump, assumes everyone is just too stupid to rely on their own judgment.

The Gazette trashes Trump as a carnival barker to put it mildly and like Paul Ryan, they're burning way too many bridges leaving none to cross for Trump to be an acceptable GOP nominee, regardless how well he does in the polls.

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