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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Janesville Taxes, Fees Jump In City Budget

But that's not the Web headline posted in the Janesville Gazette. Theirs is "Janesville City Council passes 2016 budget, ditches downtown coordinator idea."

JG Excerpt:
The 2016 budget will result in an $89 increase in city taxes and fees for the average Janesville homeowner.

Wow. The Gazette dedicated a whole sentence to the tax hike but wasted most the budget story on the city providing $50,000 to help fund grant writers and consultants for red state Forward Janesville's downtown "revitalization" ARISE gimmick. What a complete media farce.

But the tax hike is substantial because excluding the new hike in the Janesville wheel tax and recent hikes in water, sewer and waste facility fees to be followed soon by yet another water bill increase, the $89 increase represents an approximate 9% increase in taxpayer obligations for the city's portion of your property tax bill.

Keep in mind folks that these are all highly regressive income blind increases meant to offset cuts in state aids, aids primarily funded by the state's sales and income tax.

That the city is tacking on a 9% increase is extra troubling considering administrators have been saving allocated dollars with substantially lower gas prices for its fleet of police, fire and utility vehicles.

A major red state tax shift in funding is happening right before your eyes ...and it's working.

You can hear it: drip, drip, drip.

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