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Friday, October 16, 2015

Local: Janesville Jets Owner Implicated In Coordination To Deceive The Public

A cache of personal emails turned over to WKOW-27 News by the office of Gov. Scott Walker show a high level of coordination between senior Walker staff members and several special interest groups during the controversial protests in 2011.

According to the news report, one email suggests that a GOP lobbyist, Bill McCoshen, may have had the original idea for separating collective bargaining restrictions out of the 2011 budget repair bill and into a separate piece of legislation. The state senate ultimately did exactly that two weeks later.

Bill McCoshen is the Managing Partner of Capitol Consultants and one of the owners of the local junior ice hockey team, the Janesville Jets.

McCoshen also advised the Walker Administration to hold some listening sessions "so it give the appearance" of reaching out.

WKOW Excerpt:
"Delay the collective bargaining changes until the recalls are over," wrote McCoshen, who advised making a deal that had been proposed by then-Senator Tim Cullen (D-Janesville) months earlier. "Maybe even hold some listening sessions so it give the appearance the administration is reaching out."

Read the full WKOW story with news video here.

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