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Friday, October 02, 2015

Career Politician: Bills Have Better Chance In Congress If I Keep My Name Off

Tom Breu, the only announced democratic candidate running against Rep. Paul Ryan, said he will be attending Paul Ryan "listening sessions" and will try to ask questions as an audience member during the course of those meetings.

At a recent listening session in Janesville, Breu asked Ryan if any bills have been passed with his name on them in the past four years.

JG Excerpt:
“I don't try and put my name on everything and try and take credit for things, because I believe if you're willing to share the credit, if you're not worried about who's going to have their names on things, you can get more things done in Congress,” Ryan said.


What a great excuse for anyone not having the courage of their convictions OR unwilling to face the music later about their broken record. Just say, "well no, my name isn't on the bill because I'm willing to share the credit." Rrrright.

But what a joke Paul Ryan is. When a congressman admits that more things get done when his name is omitted from the record is the moment you know he's been in Congress waaaay too long.

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