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Friday, July 03, 2015

Local Rep. Loudenbeck Listed Among Those Smashing Wisconsin's Open Records Laws

Apparently too ashamed of their red state policies to stand with them (who could blame them?), a cabal of state republicans, seemingly at the behest of Gov. Scott Walker, refused to say who is behind their red state plan to gut Wisconsin's open record laws.

JS Online Excerpt
Madison— A dozen Republican lawmakers shot the state's open records law full of holes late Thursday, but they are declining to say who is the prime force behind shielding legislators and other government officials from having to show the public how they make decisions.

All 12 Republicans on the committee voted for the motion. Among republicans listed is south-central assembly representative Amy Loudenbeck (ALEC).

All four Democrats on the committee voted against the proposal.

Once again, much like Justice Michael Gableman's recent bizarre request to hold a court review of a conviction in Walker's first John Doe scandal, only to suddenly reverse and cancel the request, voters and the media should not allow these episodes to just fade away if they're suddenly dropped without their sponsors fully explaining themselves.


PR Watch - As Walker Announces, WI GOP Moves to Gut Open Records Law


Anonymous said...

One might start to speculate on how those two events are connected!

Anonymous said...

They leave us only to conjecture who wrote the language that would gut the Open Records, who inserted it, why did the vote for it? Who among them could have come up with it. I don't think that Walker is bright enough. Is it paranoid to think it it is the Kochs calling the shots?

Lou Kaye said...

I see it this way. When a person is accused of something they absolutely know they had no part in or knowledge of, even if they support the action, they quickly, without reservation, immediately offer a clear and irrefutable response and challenge anyone to prove otherwise. Walker is unable to do that because he is the architect. It's not that they want to keep everyone guessing, but they have to with hopes the issue dies on the vine for now. They'll be back to double-down on open records later.

I don't think the gutting of Open Record laws is a Koch thing. They're more into trashing unions, prevailing wages, the environment and redistribution tax gimmicks for the 2%. IMO

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