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Friday, July 31, 2015

Legendary Unintimidated Scott Walker Seen In Philadelphia

“If I can take on 100,000 protesters. I can do the same across the world.” - Gov. Scott Walker (WI)

This is how Scott Walker's campaign really see Scott Walker in a press release never published:

Finally, American voters can now get an idea about what Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin means when he boasts of taking on threats to the free world and defeating them. On Wednesday in Philadelphia, he easily handled two protesters in the same fashion told of previously only in legends.

The two menacing protesters were seen in Philadelphia carrying coded messages on signs in black lettering and wearing casual American khaki, blue jeans and thick-rimmed glasses obviously to cover for their devious plans to bring America down to its knees.

But Scott Walker wouldn't let them.

As the unintimidated leader pretended like the public was not in danger, he fearlessly continued to munch on his steak sandwich without disrupting our daily lives while courageously keeping his back to the attackers. As this serious situation continued to unfold, the American public experienced how Walker bravely refused to make any eye contact with those big government interests and without uttering a word of debate or acknowledgement, single-handedly forced his detractors to retreat.

As evidenced by this recent attack, the powerful but modest freedom fighting tactician selflessly offers himself with no expectations of reward in defense of the American people with the polish, experience and know-how we come to expect from protectors of the free world. Scott Walker has repeatedly shown that he is mentally prepared to take on the greatest threats in the world including ISIS.

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