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Friday, June 05, 2015

Say What You Will, But Government Is The Catalyst For Growth

I know mentioning "collectivism" or "wealth redistribution" is a big turn-off for most folks across the political spectrum, and I'm not posting this to argue points for or against collectivism. Nor am I arguing how some billionaires demand government play a substantial enough role in their private-for-profit enterprise to say that WITHOUT government power and its ability to apply collectivism as the central funding tool - there would be no jobs created, less revenue for the state and zero growth. But that's what they say.

I won't make the case mainly because politicians holding the press conference on a deal with the Milwaukee Bucks in the video below, including Scott Walker and state republicans, make that case for me. In fact, the bipartisan group present evidence so strong for private sector dependency on government for growth that they insist it would cost taxpayers even more in the long-term ...without it. "It" being government, wealth redistribution and the concept known as collectivism. Got that? Again, I'm not arguing that point. They are, and I'm just saying.

Now, you will never find me in agreement with very wealthy individuals or capital investment funds insisting taxpayers need to put "more skin in game" before they commit to invest in a community or state. Also, you won't be seeing me support politically motivated small government low-wage conservative "free market" tax cutters who then suddenly imply that without a community accepting higher tax obligations, that community will face an economic death spiral. Nope, those are different arguments from the past I've tackled and I won't repeat them here.

But I do find it very troubling (on top of everything else he's done to the state) how Gov. Scott Walker can magically find $250 million he claims without raising "new" taxes when it's for a billionaires private development, yet he can't find an extra million or two each for a couple dozen Wisconsin communities struggling to make ends meet to pay for schools or roads? For that, we'll need a referendum to tax ourselves again.

Nevertheless, if you want to see that rare moment in time when politicians enthusiastically make the case for collectivism and warn of a steep price taxpayers will pay if they don't embrace it, then you should watch the video:


MAL said...


Nice piece.

The U.S. DoD announces new Contracts valued at $6.5 million or more each business day at 4 p.m. (Central). Have a gander: . It tell you much about what subsidies we give out daily.

Tell me , for example, does not believe in Gov spending stimulating the economy (though inefficiently).

Repups don't believe their BS, but they use it as a line to reenforce the nonsense they have a clue about public policy for the people.

Lou Kaye said...

Thanks for that.

I really believe more people on "our" side in Wisconsin should digest and dissect Walker and Abele's narrative beginning soon after the 32 min. mark, and write about it. They both clearly explain almost into a rant the important role collected revenues (collectivism) have in economic growth including government growth, his fiduciary responsibility to maintain government for those who care about it and its ability to provide for future generations. And, that without it, there will be an even greater burden placed on the general taxpaying population. This is earth shaking stuff from Walker. If we can ignore the corporate welfare aspect of the Bucks deal for a moment, Walker shredded the right-wing's entire drown-government-in-a-bath-tub meme.

Of course the take-away here is, Walker is merely playing a crooked salesman and cannot be trusted because of his history of not using tax revenue growth to restore previous cuts or providing for those priorities he spoke about. Instead he draws down those projections with electioneered tax cuts.

But again, he spoke about his fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers as a protector AND provider and it is that narrative I find worth reviewing. IMO.

Anonymous said...

Love your sarcasm Lou. Great post on a great blog.

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