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Monday, June 15, 2015

Republicans Deal Paul Ryan a Huge Blow To His Career Agenda

Who would know after reading these "liberal" media stories, NBC House Dems Deal Blow to Obama's Trade Push, NYT House Rejects Trade Measure, Rebuffing Obama’s Dramatic Appeal, The Hill House deals humiliating blow to Obama and CNN Dems deal blow to Obama's historic trade agenda that Rep. Paul Ryan presidential aspirations just went down in a ball of flames when he failed to corral enough votes for his pet "Fast Track" bill in the wildly gerrymandered GOP-majority House.

Well I knew and so did a few other observers.

Before the vote on Fast Track, Politico called it, The Fight Of Paul Ryan's Career, and the National Journal's "Paul Ryan, Teaming up with Obama, Takes a Big Gamble On Trade" puts Paul Ryan and all of his "intellectual" prowess at the center of the vote.

But it was an AP article posted before the vote, titled Paul Ryans Step By Step Future Begins With Trade" that accurately portrayed his motivation. It's all about him.

Salon Excerpt:
WASHINGTON—First, give presidents the power to strike trade deals. Then, overturn President Barack Obama's health care law, overhaul the tax code and rework the nation's welfare system. And someday? Perhaps a run for president.

You might call it the New Ryan Plan, a map not just to change the nation's fiscal policy, but to Paul Ryan's future. It steers the nine-term Republican congressman and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee into the thicket of policy fights. The path likely takes him to a familiar decision point — whether to run for president. The 45-year-old Ryan said he might take that step, someday.

Put it this way, Ryan's media enablers around the country including his hometown Janesville Gazette, were all geared up to pounce presidential accolades on him if his majority-led House would have passed Fast Track. "He's the One," the zombies wanted to say. But after he failed?

* crickets *

But no crickets from Ryan himself considering the possibility of failure, he was poking his party in the eye for adding to America's decline by rejecting Obama's policies. This is so adorable ...I can almost cry sides hurt.

"If Republicans derail trade, we add to the narrative that America is on decline, which is now uniquely tied to Obama's policies—policies we disagree with profoundly as Republicans," Ryan told National Journal.

That coming from a guy who previously said NOT voting along with Obama (TARP) would usher in Obama's "liberal fascism." If you're familiar with Rep. Paul Ryan like I am, this is all old news ...but it's always worth repeating for a few good LOLs.

One of the few who nailed this was John Nichols.

...and conservative talker Laura Ingraham tweeted this after Ryan's fail.

But I'm not buying Ingraham's take on that. Ryan's district supporters are too mesmerized by his entrenched slickety. Even some area Democrats seem star-struck by the poser. Plus, Ryan fouled conservatives on principle much worse than this before and all they do is hide until the buzz is over.

Capping it all, the Democurmudgeon digs out a video on Ryan's childish behavior during a recent hearing on the ACA. In the video, Ryan laughably demands to know what Obama's plans are to fix the GOP's damage to the ACA should the Supreme Court strike down the individual mandate. During a response from Rep. Sanders Levin, Ryan is seen completely detached and giggling tiddly-winks behind his back. What a total embarrassment for the 65% of district voters who elected this buffoonish hack.

But back to the TPP and fast track, we know in the end Wall Streeters will get what they want - they always do. Then watch for Ryan's slack-jawed defenders to re-emerge victorious. That's how it works.


The Nation - The TPP Fast-Track Vote Wasn't About Obama, It Was About Failed Trade Policies

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