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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Disclosure Has Pay-To-Play Politician Scampering Away From Leadership

One thing is clear, the man who wants to be president of this here United States cannot even provide token leadership to the 15-member board of a state agency he takes credit for "reforming." But that's no surprise.

Gov. Scott Walker, with a deep history of pay-to-play patronage politics and an uncanny knack for punishing opponents through mere political will, desperately tried for the past year to keep the names of WEDC beneficiaries and the amount of subsidies they received out of the public eye. During the summer of 2014, his office justified blocking information by citing a balance test that weighs the public’s right to government information against the fear of disclosure.

Well now we know why.

It all came crashing down when it was finally reported last week that one of Walker's campaign donors received an unsecured $500,000 loan from the failing agency. Soon afterward, Scott Walker purportedly "asked to be removed," from his position as director of the agency's board.

According to a MKE Sentinel Journal story, "GOP legislators voted along with Walker" to remove him as chairman. LOL. If you ever needed a short sample for weasel words, THAT is it. He wasn't fired because he asked to be removed and nobody fires themselves, AND he didn't quit because they voted him out. That's the buzz they want if it's talked about. It's a campaign for a weasel.

But, I can't blame Walker one bit for the sudden self-introspection.

I mean, what public official would want to take a leadership role in a broken government agency where the opportunities to leverage the agency for political advantage must be shut down and where the restoration of honesty and transparency are the only obvious remedies?

Come to think of it, any person with an inkling of integrity and minimal leadership skills would demand to stay on and right the listing ship. So at least they all got it right this time - that person is not Scott Walker.


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