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Monday, April 27, 2015

John Doe Prosecutor Won't Back Down, Asks Gov. Scott Walker To Join Him

By now you've probably seen how political operatives juiced up their propaganda last week in hopes of delivering a final crushing blow to the judicial process of the John Doe investigation involving Gov. Scott Walker. Their main defense is built on accusing district attorneys of partisanship by engaging in a political witch hunt to revenge anti-union legislation enacted by Wisconsin republicans and Scott Walker.

There is also no question that for the past three years, special interest conservatives including Walker have repeatedly labeled the John Doe prosecutors as partisans and accused a plethora of Wisconsin law enforcement officials of engaging in what amounts to be an active conspiracy, without producing a single piece of evidence. All they have are just the machinations and memes from desperate but creative political propagandists.

The problem is, they have gone way beyond accusing a law professional or two of unknowingly misinterpreting state statutes or haphazardly overlooking the Constitution. At the same time, their attacks have gone well beyond the typical sniping stage of political theater. They have repeatedly leveled serious allegations against the district attorneys and I think most observers would agree that in this case, they're also past the time to shut up. It's too late for that. It's time to put up. The other point is, those allegations of partisanship and conspiracy against the law professionals should not be left dangling for eternity.

With all that in mind, it appears John Doe Special Prosecutor Francis Schmitz has finally had enough. He refuses to back down from the series of punishing vicious attacks delivered by the faux-media political vigilantes and has now asked Gov. Scott Walker to join him in setting the record straight.

JS Online Excerpt:
"I invite the governor to join me in seeking judicial approval to lawfully release information now under seal which would be responsive to the allegations that have been made," his statement said. "Such information, when lawfully released, will show that these recent allegations are patently false."

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, the one who is most often framed as the "Democrat" prosecutor by Scott Walker and his political operatives, said he agrees with Schmitz' statement.

"The truth is always a defense, so let's get the truth out in a legal manner, not through lies, distortions and misrepresentations."

And, who would argue with that?

Note: By the way, what happened to the Wisconsin Reporter dot com domain and all their phony articles about the John Doe investigation? It looks like the site has been scrubbed from the Web and its url redirected to its Bradley Foundation parent affiliate, Wisconsin Watchdog.Org.

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