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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Community Quotes #5

On Janesville School District:
✦ The Gazette's hit and run job on the Janesville school district candidate to damage her reputation should have been expected considering Sodemann's epic fail searching her county emails for democrats. They always double-down and go ballistic after an embarrassment.

✦ If you look at the Board and you look at what Superintendent Schulte has been doing . . . her agenda is the corporate education reform agenda. They want to turn education into an assembly line. They want to treat teachers as if they are factory workers and judge them based on their production and that's not how education should be.

On Partisanship?
✦ Hilarious reading the Sunday Gazette editorial about partisanship in local races without one word that Bill Sodemanns' despicable witch hunt (including their own) for partisan involvement in a candidate's campaign ...turned up empty. You want lessons in partisanship? Just watch the Gazette, they drive the local partisans clown car.

✦ If you think the local labor union is partisan because they only have signs of certain candidates for school board and city council on their lawn when these are supposed to be nonpartisan races, but the Gazette endorsement lineup banner and recommended ballot for write-in candidates of certain candidates when these are supposed to be nonpartisan races - is NOT partisan - you might need lessons in your "despicable."

Ever wonder:
✦ Ever wonder why Eric Levitt, Jay Winzenz or Vic Grassman are gone while Otterstein, Arft (retiring) and Karen Schulte are still hanging around and Army Colonel Freitag was anointed Janesville City manager?

✦ Ever wonder why a candidate for local office would announce their support (without being asked) for a special interest group like Forward Janesville during their candidacy statements? Pro tip: Candidates should tread lightly when alluding to those who support them, and almost never mention groups THEY support. Afterall, who's the candidate seeking support for office? If Forward Janesville is so good then, I'll write them on the ballot instead, since you endorsed them.

✦ Ever wonder why Forward Janesville does not endorse candidates when they are the most politically active special interest group in Janesville? Hearing candidates endorse them however is pandering and pathetic. I won't vote for those candidates no matter how "progressive" they think they are.

On the Janesville Gazette:
✦ The self-described democrat liberal progressives staffing the Janesville Gazette endorsed chokemeister David Prosser in 2011, Scott Walker three times and now James Daley for State Supreme Court. LOL

✦ The Gazette recently went through some major changes including a new editor. If you thought they were a newspaper of paycheck apologists covering for GOP partisan hacks before, read their paper now. Exactly the same but without the apologists. They should just rename it "GOP Rock County Central" and be done with the lame masquerade.

✦The GOPzette wants a progressive community for their own back yard but not at the state level and certainly not on the local school board. They want progressives only on the city council because they know tea party types want no part of Forward Janesville's local tax-jacking agenda and wild spending ideas, while progressives tend to cave on amenities. Local Progressives are missing the signals of this campaign. They're being used. The WMC-GOPzette however can never cut enough from the state and the public school system. That's where they want conservatives.

On Council Candidates:
✦ The Walker-loving Janesville Gazette just put the kiss of death on four city council candidates with their endorsement of Marklein, Liebert, Tidwell and Williams. But since there are only six candidates for four seats, at least two will make the cut.

✦ Judging by the Gazette's endorsement editorial, they are extremely high on and apologetic for good 'ol boy Doug Marklein.

✦ If you're voting anti-incumbent, you'll want to avoid Liebert and Marklein.

✦ When you think about it, there is little difference between council incumbents Sam Liebert and Doug Marklein on their positions and council votes ...except on one major issue - public campaign financing and by extension, Citizens United. Liebert sponsored introducing a modest public campaign financing system for local office and it went opposed by the council, including Marklein. Liebert also sponsored a Citizens United council discussion for a non-binding referendum. That also was rejected, but by a different (earlier) council. If you're looking for a degree of separation between the two, that is it.

✦ When a politician says he's a defender of the taxpayer, yet opposes public campaign financing with low strict caps, but is OK with special interests throwing unlimited money into their campaign - is the moment you know they stink really bad.

From the candidate forums:
✦ Recently, I watched several Janesville candidate forums for local offices and heard a few candidates state how much they "love" Janesville, with some directly implying other candidates do not. Shame on them for deliberately casting such nasty dispersions on their neighbors simply because they don't agree with them. SMH

✦ Funny hearing council candidates talk about the importance of listening to those with different ideas and embracing diversity, while treating one candidate with noticeable indifference. Apparently, it's not that "diversity" they mean.

On Election Day:
✦ Has anyone ever heard of a congressman holding town hall meetings on Election Day Tuesday? Paul Ryan is. He'll be in Dousman and Mukwonago.

On Supreme Court Candidate:
✦ Judge James Daley of Rock County, a candidate for State Supreme Court, claimed himself a DEFENDANT not a plaintiff, in the Scott Walker/Club For Growth John Doe II dark money/coordination scandal. Chew on that one.


Anonymous said...

You nailed it. With Kealy gone and Fitz and Severson leaving city council, the Gazette knows the council will be majority establishment dems and progs no matter who wins on Tuesday. They knew Cons on the council would never vote for FJs higher taxes and wasteful spending when we can’t meet our operations and maintenance budget. Good luck to the progs if they become FJ tools.

Lou Kaye said...

Generally, I want more libs and progressives on our local boards and councils. But it won't work too well unless we have the same intentions, values and goals trickling down from the top. Which we don't of course.

Thing is, local conservatives were onboard with Forward Janesville, but not enough to have a tax hike on their office record. This is where progressives will get in trouble because you can't fight city hall - city hall in this case being a heavy-handed penny-pinching state government. Local progressives need to develop tighter budget policy guidelines of spending and priorities to follow when tax dollars are not returned. By raising local taxes in that shortfall environment they will feed the animal that hopes to devour them.

Thanks for noticing this evolving deception.

Anonymous said...

The average voter doesn't want to read about political strategy or care about policy impacts. They want good info on candidates. Other than your "degree of separation" between between Liebert and Marklein, this blog offers very little to voters.

Lou Kaye said...

I agree with you about the average voter. But the majority of my readers are not the average voters. I'll leave it at that.

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