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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Grassroots Should Pay Close Attention To #BoycottIndiana

In Wisconsin, we've seen tens of thousands protest legislation that in the end, fell on deaf ears. We've seen citizens gather issue-oriented petitions and send them to Congress and local councils only to be completely ignored. By now, real grassroots groups and concerned citizens should have it all figured out. Protests and petitions mean nothing to our elected officials. Not just in Wisconsin, but everywhere in the U.S.

We can have all the petitions and grievances against government spelled out and signed, but at the end of the day our public officials refuse to recognize us and in fact successfully reverse-spin their inability to engage the electorate as victories over "special interests." In the so-called "Citizens United" world, the majority of politicians recognize and listen only to money from wealthy individuals, groups and corporations.

So, I'm hoping some of the more active grassroots citizen groups including labor unions are paying close attention to the hashtags #BoycottIndiana and #RFRA, because that very well could be what the future of resistance and reform looks like in a world where money says everything. In a period of just a few days, there has been much more movement to repeal and reform bad policy in Indiana than what has happened in Wisconsin over the last five years from struggle and protest.

If you're a regular reader you probably know I was not excited for unionized workers calling for a general strike during the ramming sessions of the so-called right-to-work law in Wisconsin. At that time I suggested labor groups and others should seriously look at ways for now and in the future to carry out an organized general boycott of the state in what I described as "flash boycotts" in consumer spending by willing participants and their families. What I suggested several weeks ago was very similar (but not the same) to what is taking place in Indiana right now.

However, I did not anticipate corporations or other states becoming active participants in the boycott aspect of the Indiana campaign. That certainly gives a fully organic boycott more power, and as much as I agree with their position, I don't think it's too smart for businesses, large or small, or individuals to go public with their politics. Just my opinion.

At this point with so much success over so little time, I think it would be very wise for unions and citizen grassroots to take notice and start focus groups to begin looking at the ways and means to carry out general regional-wide or state-wide boycotts.

Sadly, since it is profits over people, boycotts are a natural progression of free market action from "the people" when government officials listen to no one but money.


RNR - Idea: General Strike Should Take The Form Of a General Boycott

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