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Friday, January 16, 2015

Union Rep Uncovers Web Of Deceit In Janesville School District/Media

When I first read the story about a union rep checking Janesville school board candidate nomination petitions and finding two petitions not meeting state statute requirements for the ballot, I was impressed. For one, it's good to know that someone is paying attention to candidate signature petitions for local elective offices. With the establishment press (Janesville Gazette) constantly running cover for the status norm, much is taken for granted and there are far too many unchecked unknowns going on in Janesville city government, school administration and county offices.

But then a bomb fell. The Gazette posted an online story title the next day reporting that the union rep caused a big enough disturbance at school administration offices that police had to be called in to remove him. Then I thought, it figures. Why does it seem that after a union rep scores a touchdown ...he then spikes the ball, causes a commotion and gets kicked out of the game. But wait ...that is not what happened at all.

According to the story as told by the Union Rep, Dennis Hughes, what began as a routine review of Janesville school board candidate petitions turned into an active conspiracy to deceive him with doctored documents and false statements, then malign him as a "safety" precaution and finally intimidate him with arrest. Whew! All THAT from checking a few local school board petitions? Well, unfortunately. Yes.

I admit I was skeptical at first, but when I heard Hughes excitedly articulate his story during an interview with Yuri Rashkin and explain his observations with sound reasoning and a timeline, it all fell into place.

In conclusion, the Union Rep believes that if Janesville School Superintendent Dr. Karen Schulte doesn't resign, she should be fired.

Although the Hughes interview below is 45 minutes long, it is fast-moving and cram-packed with all sorts of interesting bits of information. So if you're concerned about what's going on with the folks running our school district - this one is for you.

Listen in:

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Anonymous said...

Where is the Eyster outrage now? Someone CHALLENGED petition signatures! I seem to recall when another county elected official challenged signatures he lost his mind.

Anonymous said...

The community impostors at the gazette are also prett-tee silent about all the evidence showing Walker commandeering illegal campaign activities on the taxpayers dime. Suddenly, catching wrong-doers is politically motivated. Never mind the lawbreakers.

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debba jean said...

Why hasn't any other media outlet picked up this story?

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