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Friday, December 12, 2014

Stick The #CRomnibus House Roll Call Vote On Your Refrigerator

If there was ever an up-to-date list of sure-fire guaranteed sellout establishment politicians, whether democrats or republicans, needed for a research project or voting information, look no further than the roll call of "yeas" on the #CRomnibus bill that passed the House on Thursday.

Except for Sensenbrenner and Ron Kind (D-Dembarrassment) swapping votes out of Wisconsin, there were no surprises for me from either party in support of the Wall Street bill. Even though the bill was GOP whipped with three times more repubs than dems voting in favor of it, it was however still very disappointing to see the number of democrats (57) siding with the dirty bill.

Of further no surprise was "Wall Street" Paul Ryan's "yea" vote on the bill since Citigroup is listed in the top 20 contributors to his 2014 campaign committee.

But if you thought the Citigroup tainted bill was terrible or shocked to see 162 republicans voting for it, wait to see what Republicans do when they have an even greater majority next year since most of the newcomers were elected and backed with establishment money.

It's always follow the money.

Watch Senator Warren remarks on Citigroup and its bailout provision:

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