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Friday, December 05, 2014

Scott Walker Signals Quick Signing For Right-To-Work-Harder-For-Less Ram Session

Beware of the seemingly mixed signals sent out by Gov. Scott Walker, his administration and the lapdog corporate media.

According to this article by the AP, Walker says he has not wavered on his lifelong support for Right-To-Work-Harder-For-Less regulations. His main concern is for the attention it would draw to the state and the distraction it could be for his flailing presidential aspirations.

Star Tribune Excerpt:
Walker also said his position on right-to-work hadn't changed since 1993 when he sponsored the bill.

"My position now is the same as it was two years ago before the recall, the same as it was two month ago before the election, the same as it will be two years from now," he said.

Walker's position is the same as it was on the day he told uber-con billionaire Diane Hendricks of ABC Supply in Beloit "oh, yeah" when she asked if there's any chance Wisconsin will turn into a red state with right-to-work.

With the low-wage establishment all wanting the union-busting legislation to happen quickly, but without the division and chaos Walker started in 2011, it becomes obviously clear that Sen. Scott Fitzgerald's statement about having a legitimate debate or discussion is a set up. It's already been decided.

I expect RTW to be passed on a single overnighter with zero public input when everyone least expect it. That's how a single-party ruled red state confederacy rolls. Their corporate bosses demand it.

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Purple Wisconsin - Wisconsin 'right-to-work' shell game (James Rowen)


Anonymous said...

37% of union households in Wisconsin voted for Walker in 2012.You are gonna pay now.Wisconsin will be Right To work Harder For Less by Feb.1

Anonymous said...

Walker and his party are ramming RTW through,and Wisconsin will never be progressive again do to apathy and gerrymandering,all because of not getting off your butt to vote.The damage he is doing is just beginning,what a shame.

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